OLED (MCOB21605G1V-EWP) and Spark Core

Hi, I recently bought an OLED 2x16 display (I was going to use it an a classic arduino board). I’ve seen some of the topics already about connecting displays and using the LiquidCrystal library, but I have a few questions about connecting this sort of display to the spark…

As far as I can see, the display requires 5v. What are the best solutions to power the spark and the display from usb? (I’m hoping I can do all this from the one usb cable, possibly plugged into the spark?)

Also, how could I power both from a battery? (what sort of battery would be suitable and how could I get the 3.3v needed for the spark and then a separate 5v for the display).

I’ve read somewhere that D2 on the spark is not 5v tolerant, would it be better to not use this pin with the display and use an alternative?

Sorry if these are really simple questions, but i’m not a very good hardware person. I want to learn though, so would be very grateful for any ideas/advice.

  1. If you power the display from VIN, that’ll give you 5V (basically coming straight off the USB port).

  2. If you use our Battery Shield, it will supply 5V via VIN and 3.3V for the rest of the circuit, as if you were powering it with any other USB source.

  3. You are correct that D2 is not 5V tolerant, so if possible you should use another pin. The rest of the digital pins are all 5V tolerant.

Hope that’s helpful, good luck with your project!

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Thanks @zach. I didn’t even think about that. I think because i’m using the 3.7v battery, I didn’t even consider that there could have been 5v on VIN. Does the battery circuit step up to 5v then?

Anyway, That’s a great help!

Yep the battery circuit steps up the voltage to 5V