4-20mA Featherwing


Anyone interested in 4-20mA feather wing?

2 Channels 4-20mA (will power the sensor)
2 Channels 0-20V
3 Digital Outputs (open collector)
4 Digital Inputs 24V
24VDC supply on board for external sensors.
3V0 regulator to power from VUSB if wanted.
8x LEDs individually controlled.

Ability to connect Analogs and Digital directly to Feather processor rather than through I2C by fitting 0R.


Looks nice. What voltage level powers the entire system? Is there provision to power the system from an industrial power supply (say 12/24V)?

(The schematic is too low resolution to read).


Hi cbrake

The PCB is powered from the 3v3 from the feather, or VUSB.

VUSB is preferred so you don’t load PSU on the Boron/Argon/Xenon etc. The two power supply inputs are diode OR’d so it will select the PSU input with the highest voltage.

Maximum input is 12V from the datasheets.
PCB 3V0 is supplied via MIC5219 (Max input of 12V)
PCB 24V is supplied via LM27313 (Max input of 14V)

We have a base board that will accept a 24VDC/solar input and will provide the VUSB with a battery backed 8V4 for powering the Feather modules.


Hi marshall,

Looks great! What was it designed for? What’s your use case?
Do you mind uploading a higher resolution schematic? It’s to low res to read.