External Power Boron - Debug USB power cut cable

I am developing a Boron LTE device that uses external power and I wanted to know if there is a Off The Shelf product that exists to block the external power from back feeding to my computer when I am doing debugging. Suppliers like Particle, Sparkfun, Adafruit or Tindie

@rickkas7 showed a version he made by hand in an earlier thread https://community.particle.io/t/power-to-boron-xenon/47661

I was curious if people have found versions of something like this that is avaliable for purchase. It seems like lots of folks will have this need to power up externally and use USB for debugging purposes.


I haven’t and I have made a similar circuit with a tiny piece of breadbroad, a microUSB THT module and THT components. It is a good ask though for those who can’t get something like this made.

Hi @armor

Thanks for checking in… yeah I was surprised I could not find anything. Isn’t this also a issue when using any Adafruit Feather wing boards? IIRC the reason for this circutry is not a Particle decision but has to do with the with what Adafruit requests be done.

How do people externally power their feather wings and read debug messages?