Resetting internet signal with particle boron

I have a particle boron and would like to be able to use it to disconnect and reconnect power to my cable modem. I lose the internet signal at times, disconnecting and reconnecting the power to the modem will restore the signal. Its in my second house located 300 miles away so that is why I would like to do it remotely. I am looking for the simplest way to have my particle boron disconnect and reconnect power to the cable modem. I’m an amateur at this and looking for ideas. Is there some AC receptacle or other hardware that is available that can be controlled by my particle boron that can do the job? Looking for any other ideas as well.

Hi and welcome to the community!

The safest from an electrical (and codes!) point of view is using something like this outlet which can be controller from a boron:

Now, if you are more adventurous and handy with electricity and wires, you may use something like this:

(out of stock apparently at Adafruit)

There are other approaches to this, I'm sure.
If confused, just keep asking.

EDIT: I just found the docs for the relays:


I personally use the data loggers IoT power relay for a few projects. Works just fine with a standard GPIO from boron and no 110VAC wiring or extra enclosure required. Simply plug and play. Works well.

Thanks! The Data Logger is exactly what I need.

Hey Jeff, is this the one you are talking about?


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Yup... that's the one.