3V DC motor driver use with Photon/Phobot

I am using the Phobot to power my photon and run a stepper motor.

I need to add a 3V DC motor with direction control to my system. I have found a motor driver that looks to work for what I want:

Could I power this directly from the photon with the Vin or 3v3 of the Photon connected to the Vin of the motor driver?
Are there other considerations I am missing?

Thank you for your insight

That should be ok.
3v3 from photon to VCC on driver.
VIN from photon/power source to motor driver(maybe VM pin if the reverse polarity system drops the voltage too much).
And connect the grounds (0volts)

The driver can support up to 1.8A so you need decent wires/traces, you probably cant use USB to power the photon and source 1.8A from the vin.

Well I got the parts in, and they work great.

Thanks for the help