Controlling a 3v motor directly from a Photon


im wanting a simple way of switching on a 3v dc motor then reversing for a couple of seconds each time, this wont be a constant running motor just a slight pulse now and again.

any ideas?

I would use a H-Bridge motor driver, like this one, if the motor requires less than 800 mA.

Note that the 3V3 output on the Photon usually does not have enough capacity to power a motor, so you will need to use a separate power supply for the motor.

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anything more than 800mA? thanks

I don’t have a recommended high-current H-Bridge, but if you Google “H-Bridge”, it won’t be hard to find one. There was a cheap 2A module on Amazon, and a much more expensive but professional-looking 7A one, amongst many.

There is a dedicated shield for the Photon with 2A MOSFET H-Bridge

(the 6V min rating is there for when you need to power the Photon off that board - when driving the board with less you need to remove the Vin connection and power the Photon otherwise)

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