3rd party sim (Google Project Fi) loses connection for 25 minutes repeatably

@bluesforsalvador, if you are not averaging then you don’t need the int reading = 0; //initial for reading line in readSensor() :wink:

Let me know how things go!

hey @peekay123

Adding the SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED); lets me know program OTA, which is great!

Unfortunately, I’m still getting quirky results when trying to use the url to grab the variables:

I’m going to write some scripts on my raspberry pi to see if there is some more information I can glean from the data.

So far it seems like the electron in inaccessible using this method for several hours at a time, but it comes back and re-gains access.

More data to follow and thanks for all the help so far!

@bluesforsalvador, great news about the OTA! Have you tried using CLI to query your variables? With CLI you can at least use a proven tool and see what your data looks like. Then you have a baseline to test your queries against.

Or console.particle.io/devices :wink:

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@peekay123 @Moors7

I haven’t used CLI to look at the variables yet, but I have set up CLI for when I claimed the device and initially programmed it.

I have been able to use console.particle.io/devices to look at the variables and it works…sometimes
similar to me doing a curl on my raspberry pi.
I think I need a more robust logging function to see what the device is doing.
I think that’s the next part for me to research. Logging via CLI or something

I also noticed that in the devices my proton connected to my wifi has a blue dot showing it’s connected, but I don’t get that from my electron:

Due to the connection protocol used by the Electron, there’s not really an online/offline indicator available. The Photon uses a different protocol, which does allow for that :slight_smile: