3G Phase out in UK - Ethersim?

Hi, with operators soon to Phase out 3G in UK, I wondered if there was an upcoming solution for those wishing to use EtherSim/Boron beyond the next couple of years?

We're switching off 3G in 2023 | Vodafone.

Many thanks

The Boron 2G/3G will fall back to 2G automatically, so it will continue to work with Vodafone in the UK using 2G after 3G is sunset.

We’ll be meeting the government’s ambition to turn off our 2G service by 2033 – so we won’t be retiring our 2G network anytime soon.

The recommended platform in Europe is the B Series SoM B524, which is LTE Cat 1 with 2G/3G fallback. It is not available in the Boron form-factor because the Quectel EG91-E cellular modem is too wide to fit in the Boron/Adafruit Feather form-factor.

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