3D Printing design software for MAC

Offtopic. But smart people lives here!

Quick Question:
I am on a MAC, Just recently purchased a nice 3D printer. Don’t want to bootcamp for solid works. Does someone recommends a descent 3D modeling software for my printer?


I’m not much of a 3D modeling guy, but SketchUp is pretty cool, and there’s a free version. What 3D printer are you using?

I use ViaCad. Less than $100 and works well for me. I produce STL files to go into Slic3r for geode production.

OpenSCAD if you want to program your models :slight_smile:


And another handy tool is MeshLab:


Both OSS

ill second sketchup for ease of use… can have models drawn up in a few minutes

it will export STL’s with a plugin and then i use makerware to generate the file to print

What printer did you end up buying?

Thanks for all your help. Im trying apps tonight!

I bough the form labs form+

More expensive to run but the stereo lithography its amazing in quality terms.