3D Printed Electron Enclosure - Work in Progress

Still a work in progress. Hope to finalize V1 soon.

It is a inner enclosure with an outter shell design.

This is the inner enclosure that will keep all elements tight and together. It is designed for the kit battery (2200 mph) and the electron (without pins for compacting the design). I am still not happy with the antenna… Right now the antena uses a lot of air from the ouster shell and I don’t feel confortable with it. I am going to produce a design for this antenna, however I will seek another more compact antena for my final design.

This are photos from the test print of the inner enclosure:

Here is the 3D design of this enclosure + housing.

Any comments welcomed!
I will open the design files (They are in Fusion 360) and STL files once I feel confident they work and depending on demand.

KUDOS to @squeakywheel for the 3D Electron Model! It made my job a million times more easy! : Electron 3D Model


UPDATE: Printed today the external shell… Didn’t like it… I am redesigning it… It takes too much space.

I am also going to look for alternate antennas.


Still working on tweeks. I am happy with this design. Antenna fits. However I need a smaller antenna :blush:






This will actually be for a product I am working on that wish to produce soon. :slight_smile:

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@frlobo Looks very nice! :+1: But is there some space to add sensors inside the case or is it just for the electron + battery ?

@Gecko : Yes. The top part (Gray Part) has plenty of space…

The size is larger than it should because of the antenna. I need a shorter version.

Take a look:
The space to the right of the electron is all empty… I use it for a big switch, but I can close the hole to allow for more space. I actually plan to encompass a GPS and a buzzer inside + accelerometer. I can try an fit the asset management module :blush: But I don’t have one to tweet sizes.