24 volt solution

is it possible to control 24volt relays with the photon. i would lie to intergrate the photon into a control panel system which is usually controled via 24 volt power supply. what would be the best way to

  1. power the photon if the lowest voltage i have is 24 volts
  2. power 24volt relays within the panel

i have looked at the relay sheild but this seems to work at 20volts max


There are many possible solutions but the safest and easiest in my mind would be to use the Particle relay shield. This would switch the 24V coil voltage for the actual relays on and off. Then use a fairly standard 24VDC to 12VDC converter, you should be able to find one for less than US$10, to convert the 24V power supply down to the 12V that can be used by the relay shield. The relay shield would then power the Photon.

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