2 Argon boards on same mesh network?

Can I put 2 Argon boards on the same mesh network? The idea being that if one Argon goes down, the all the meshages will be sent through the other Argon.

Right now, via Setup on an Android phone, setting up the second Argon does not scan for existing mesh networks to join, and 2 mesh networks end up appearing in my console.

Hey James,

This is a feature that is planned for mesh (multiple gateways). Once implemented, our goal is to allow you to have multiple gateways (e.g. a Xenon featherwing, an Argon, and a Boron all on the same network)

At this time, the feature is planned, but not fully implemented. We are seeking to address reliability before implementing new functionality.

So keep an eye out, this is certainly on our radar, it is simply not ready yet


That’s great to hear that it’s planned. A mesh network with a single point of failure is not a good thing.


I wish multiple Argon wifi&mesh network gateway too:)

Hey there!

Don’t worry, this is still definitely something we want to do.

Most of our team is taking a well deserved break for the holidays, so things are a bit slow for the next little bit. :smile:


MStanley -

any information on multiple gateways on a mesh network? Even if one is master and the other(s) are slave/repeater?


Hi Jim,

At this time, High Availability Networks (multiple gateways acting as gateways) on the same network is still not yet implemented.

However! It is now possible both through the the mobile application and through the CLI set up gateway devices strictly as Mesh nodes. The devices will act as if they are Xenons and will not communicate out through wifi or cellular.


Is there any priority order for which features Particle will work on next? Since two major ones (BLE & NFC) are done, what is the next big feature?

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Prioritization moving forward is still being determined. It’s unclear to me, personally, what tentative priorities are, but I suspect that customer feedback will have influence on what next steps are. Therefore, I encourage you to share what it is you would like to see next. :slight_smile:

Are you saying that you can get a, say, Argon to run as a Xenon thus not connecting to Wi-Fi, but just to the mesh? If so what is the utility here?

The value of this is if you want to add additional notes to your mesh network without creating a high-availability gateway (or extending an existing high availability gateway).

Perhaps you had two mesh networks you had setup, and realize you don’t want a second network anymore. You could then re-purpose the gateway from the second network as a node for the first.

OK - thanks!

I have just posted how to connect multiple Argons and Xenons

A video will be coming.


Video at