130-NeoPixel Word Clock

It’s been done a few times before, but I wanted to do my own take on a word clock. There are 130 NeoPixels illuminating 130 letters (10 rows of 13 columns). It also includes “Happy Birthday” messages for each member of the household. There are a couple of different display modes (solid color and rainbow chase). I even embedded a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor so I can poll those values via the Particle Cloud API! Most options are available via the cloud API. I’m almost finished with a mobile web app that will allow easier access for programming all the various options built-in to the clock.

Project details are available from the Hackster.io project page. I haven’t released the source code yet since there’s still some tidying up to do, but will hopefully have it available in the next week or two!



I had started my own word clock a while back but never finished it :frowning: mainly due to all of the soldering I would have to do to get my LEDs together. I saw your neopixel implementation and that really made it a heck of a lot easier!

so THANKS! :slight_smile:

I’m not done here, but you can see where I am… I put it all behind mirrored glass and added:

1: you’ve got Email indicator
2: Current Weather, animated
3: temperature, a la word clock.

once I get it buttoned up, I’ll share the mods I did (and the artwork template).

Thanks for inspiring me to wrap this up!

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