1.4.4 vs. 1.5.2 - app size

Good afternoon!
I noticed that the app size compiled against 1.4.4 firmware is ~500B smaller than compiled against 1.5.2. Unfortunately, this means it does not fit the flash :wink: Did somebody face the same problem and maybe got over it?

@gkujawsk This is a known issue with OS 1.5.X together with increased RAM usage.
My applications are large and I have to regularly refactor to reduce flash memory usage - I am sure you can manage to trim 500 bytes - there is a document that @rickkas7 wrote a while ago - memory usage that you should be able to fine with a quick search - this will help you understand where to optimise your code.

Not sure if it helps but 2.0.0-rc.4 might be worth a shot, just to see if the app size (or you meant ram) reduces.

It went down around 40kB on the Tracker One :slight_smile:

Still afraid a little bit of rc for the production devices. But I will give it the closer look and check the binary size.