Flash size issue even with empty code


Hi There,

I’m working on my code for a Particle Core (ex Spark Core)
This was working pretty well before, but I have change some line in my original code and now Particle Web IDE doesn’t want to compile! Reason is `APP_FLASH’ is overflowed.
Refactoring my code for a long time, but discover that even with an empty code, the flash is already almost full!
Can you help me to find what is wrong? it is a temporary issue on Particle Web IDE?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Is that with the latest OS version? Try with 1.0 to see if it’s any smaller.


Well spoted @JumpMaster ! Compilation is working with Device OS 1.0.0
Do you know what are major update in new versions 1.1 to 1.3? any library included by default that take Flash Space?
Thank you very much


I don’t believe there’s anything for the core. For example there are Bluetooth APIs but that’s only for the gen 3 hardware. Hopefully it doesn’t get included for the Core but something is increasing the flash size.