0.8.0 rc.4 issue - hard fault

I have an app that works great on 7.0, but any update to 8.0rc4 causes an SOS Mode - Hard Fault.

Anyone else seeing this behavior?

update…rc.2 works fine!

and so does rc.3

but as soon as I go to rc.4 I Hard Fault (and then it is back to the Doctor to resurrect the device)

What SOS fault are you seeing as determined by the number of blinks? Refer to The Guide docs under chapter Device Modes section Red Flash SOS.

Also, what happens if you place the device in Safe Mode and also load Tinker instead of your app?

I am very happy with 0.8.0-rc.4!

Hard Fault…1 blink. I’ll try bringing a device up to rc.4 without my app at some point.

BTW, the app runs fine on every version of Device OS from 6.2 to 8.0rc.3

Hard to say what the reason is, but it’s thinkable that it’s a new bug or even an old bug that was ironed out but your code relied on the existance of this bug.

But without seeing your code it’s hard to tell.

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Suggest the following steps:

  • DFU Tinker. If good, unlikely to have a hardware issue
  • Implement Logging (if you have not done so already) in your app (you will never look back). Put numerous log calls throughout the setup() function. Does it make it to the end of set up? If not, at what point does the logging stop?
  • If setup() exits ok, then do the same logging regime within loop()
  • Suggest that you open the serial port straight away, set up the logger, then delay say 5 secs to allow yourself time to open the terminal so as to view the logger output
  • Report back!