Xenon with fast green LED flashing

I have a Xenon from the first Kickstarter offering. Got it configured earlier today, but now the status LED is flashing green fast. Not the slow green flash shown on the troubleshooting document. What does this mean?

Working on this demo project:
Sample project


// Subscribe to sensor tripping using the node (Xenon) board.

int led_pin = A0;

// We start with the setup function.

void setup() {
  // This part is mostly the same:
  // Here we are going to subscribe to your buddy's event using Particle.subscribe
  Particle.subscribe("tripStatus", myHandler); // the name of the publish() call in sensor node [ publish("tripStatus") ]


void loop() {


// Now for the myHandler function, which is called when the cloud tells us that our sensor's event has been published.
void myHandler(const char *event, const char *data)

  if (strcmp(data,"breach")==0) {
    // if the sensor's threshold is breached, then turn your LED on
  else if (strcmp(data,"all_clear")==0) {
    // if your sensor's beam is all clear, turn your board LED off

@jjdeprisco, Xenons and Mesh are deprecated. You can only use a Xenon in offline mode using SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) or SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC). This means you cannot use any Particle Cloud functions or anything related to internet connectivity.


Thanks, but that does not actually answer the problem. With some help from support/sales, I used Device Restore to reset the device. So now I can put it into listening mode.

I know Xenons are deprecated. I’m just coming back to this after 4 years away and trying to see how best to utilize these before I give up on them entirely.

For those looking for some great help on this topic, see this article:

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