Xenon - Particle Variables not showing

I tested my Xenon with a simple sketch with a couple of Particle variables. All went well.

I then tested my Xenon with some old code. The code compiles with no errors. The sketch publishes to the cloud. However, the browser does not show ANY Particle Variables or Functions.

Here is sample code:

Particle.variable(“dist2GND”, dist2GND);
Particle.variable(“Distance”, distance);

Particle.function(“Unit”, changeUnitNum);
Particle.function(“Sensor”, chgConf);

What could I be doing incorrectly?



Not sure why this was working before but I moved the Particle Variables and Functions earlier up in the setup() routine. This is indeed mentioned in the docs but I am not sure why it worked before in the Photon.

So, it’s working now?

Yes, thank you.