Xenon not waking up

I want my xenon to do a task, fall a sleep, wake after some seconds up and do the task again… . However, using the sleep method did not work - he fell asleep but didn’t wake up:

void setup() {
Particle.publish("setup", "starting sleep test");

void loop() {
    Particle.publish("sleep", "falling asleep now.");

(I got the first line from a similar question here, but this didn’t help)

I’m sure there must be an easy solution. Currently, I get “falling asleep now” once and then no message any more. Thank you!

Sleep modes are not yet fully implemented hence the note in the docs

That’s still true for 0.8.0-rc.27 (I’ve updated the note to reflect that)

Great, thank you! Do you have any experience about which time span we are talking? Approximately days, weeks, months?

Sleep modes are top priority, so I’d expect to see them in rc.28 still in Q1/2019 - but that’s my own take, no official statement :wink: