Xenon mesh connectivity issue

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Thanks for the heads up. On

I’m wondering if I’m having a slightly different issue. My Xenon’s fell offline at the same time but will not reconnect no matter how often I power cycle them. I’ve posted logging in Internet available, Cloud not reachable!. I’ve tried a few different firmware versions and even hardcoding an IP address in system/src/system_cloud_connection.cpp:spark_cloud_connect(), but with no luck. It doesn’t seem that packets are making it past the gateway (although the gateway itself is working fine).

Is this also being looked at?

Edit: I decided to build a new meah network and that one appears to be working

Updates for the Status Incident of May 3rd

Sounds like it might be a different issue than what we were investigating, but it’s not unreasonable to think it may have had the same root cause. The outage impacted all UDP session devices, which would include all Gen 3 devices. But a full power cycle would have resolved anything that came as a result of this incident.

Glad to hear a network rebuild resolved it, but that obviously shouldn’t have been necessary.

Please let us know if this issue occurs again, and we’d be happy to work through troubleshooting steps with you to understand if the root cause is related to the one cited above.


Hey @mstanley. The network is back up, but if I reset a xenon it goes in to a fast green flash. Unplugging it for at least a minute then it’ll start up as normal.

When flashing green I don’t get any serial logs at all. Both the gateway and xenon are running 1.2.0-beta.1. I did try downgrading the gateway to 0.9.0 but I haven’t found a downgrade path that doesn’t result in assertion failed sos flashing.

Any suggestions?


Hey Ken,

Nothing immediately obvious is sticking out to me on this one.

I’d like to collect some more comprehensive debug logs. Doesn’t look like we have any 1.2.0 debug binaries out for our mesh devices yet. I spoke with @rickkas7 who said he’d see about creating a Xenon debug build for you to use.

He should be providing that here in coming days. Once he does, let’s see about getting some debug logging from there to get a little more insight into this.


Hi. I’m no longer able to reproduce this. I think it might have been related to being behind two NAT devices, and I’ve made some network layout changes since. I’ll let you know if it reoccurs.

It would still be useful to know how to downgrade back to 0.9.0 to help with testing other issues as they arise.