Xenon + DFPlayerMini


This is my first request for help in this community, i’m hopping i’m on the right place.

It’s quite related to this topic explaining how to use the DfPlayer-Mini (mp3 player) with the Photon board.

I need to use it with a Xenon. I know, board not supported anymore, but i have plenty of them and i need bluetooth. I’m using it off the cloud anyways.

It basically works fine, i used the VUSB pin to power the player and power it from a wall outlet to be sure to have enough power.

My problem is that the mp3 board’s Init() does not completes until i unplug the VUSB pin and re plug it.
In other words :


 execute_CMD(0x3F, 0, 0); // Send request for initialization parameters

 while (Serial1.available()<10) // Wait until initialization parameters are received (10 bytes)
 Serial.println("Init Done");

After i plug the board, It stays stuck in the while() loop until i unplug the power of the mp3 player and replug it.

I have not a single clue on why, and i have a very low knowledge about particle boards, so i’m turning to you, grand masters of the community, to seek for some help.

Thank you for reading me, hoping to read you :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention, i had no problem with an Arduino Uno so i thought it was probably due to a xenon’s specificity but i might also be totally wrong.

I tried to simply remove the init sequence and things seem to work fine… i’m not so confident about the smart aspect of this solution though haha.

I checked the spec, the init sequence is actually here to check wether a storage is available.

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