Xenon and spi programming examples

I have a project that requires me to communicate with a Mikroe click board with the SPI interface. I have Arduino code for SPI communications (MOSI, MISO, CLK, CS) in the forum, and I did not see any examples listed specifically in the libraries. Looking at the reference data, it seems like a lot of changes to the code will be required to implement on the mesh devices. Am I correct? Is this something regarding which little experience is being shared on the forum at this time or is it simple and not much needs to be said about it? And finally, is there some example SPI coding in Arduino to which I can compare code requred to get the mesh devices to do the same communications? I’m not an experienced cpp programmer so I cannot just start from scratch.

What makes you think that?
Have you got a link to the library in question?
The function set for SPI should be pretty much the same between Arduino and Particle.

I suggest if you want to do this port yourself that you concentrate on the constructor method/function and/or the begin() as well as read() and write(). If the original library was well structured then these should be where all and any changes might be required. Use device OS 0.9.0 as before there were some issues with SPI.

Thank you, Scruffr and armor for your comments. I’ll try the Arduino code on the Argon, and see how it goes. If it does not work, I’ll be sure to post on this great forum and benefit from your experience. This is important to me, as I am able to do the I2c communication well with the mesh products (with the help of this forum). If the SPI works too, I’ll continue with the particle mesh products for this project. If I can get the SPI working, the mesh communications are my best solution I think. However I was disappointed in the 0.9.0 firmware, as I have reported on other posts the problems with some of the basic setup issues that I expected would have been cleared up by now.

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