Interfacing a MCP2515 CAN controller to a Xenon

Hello, I am new to particle and just started exploring the xenon hardware. I would like to connect a MCP2515 or 2517 to the SPI bus on a xenon board. I have imported the arduino-CAN library and was looking to find where or how I allocate the SPI bus up for the MCP2515. I see the how to set the SPI hardware up for the xenon, but how do I associate it to the arduino-CAN library so using the API to transmit and receive CAN messages uses the SPI hardware? Any help on how that is done is appreciated.

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Not sure what you mean by that. The HW SPI bus pins on the Xenon are marked MI, MO & SCK and the chip/slave selecte pin is free to choose.
A secondary SPI interface exists on the Xenons too - that can be found here

That would typically be the job of the library - it should provide you with high level functions to do exactly that.

When you are referencing a library it’s always good to also provide a link to save others the need to search.


Apologies, for being unclear. The name of the library is arduino-CAN that I imported. This is the data from the library properties file:

( name=arduino-CAN version=0.0.1
sentence=CAN bus for Particle using the MCP2515
paragraph=This library is intended for the mesh boards which have no onboard CAN controller

I understand the pinning of the Xenon ports and setting them to be used as SPI. I guess what I am asking is how does a library that is imported associate its’ high level interface to the low level SPI pins? Is there usually a place in an imported library to set/define what SPI port pins are being used?

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Via this command

Since that library explicitly uses SPI the pins that are tied to that interface are used.
Only the CS pin could be chosen via this