XBee Radios - Anybody Using Them?

@user Not that I know of.

I’ve haven’t had time to use these on the Spark Core to date.

TimB do you have the code to work with the Spark core? If so where is it?

Hey guys, just a further thought here, I was a bit frustrated working with the xbees, as I’m a Mac guy and digis software only worked with a PC. I ended up using Moltosensos Bronze software which let me work from my Mac… Far easier to use, too.
No affiliation, just sayin’

jimbol, Digi now has a version of XCTU for OSX which I’ve been using with success:

There is one minor issue with installation: it requires that you be running an older version of Java. The installer will direct you to where you can find the appropriate Java version.

Hey All, I have using XBee with Spark for some of my project and I like it very much. I didn’t use Mac and XCTU, only Windows 7 and XCTU. Some of the projects I worked are:

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@RWB we use Xbees like popcorn , another 20 arrived today.

99% of xbees are 2.4GHz but the form-factor , pinout and config software (“XCTU”) is the same across all.
Warning: The 2mm pitch headers are hard to find so it can be tricky to mount them, also they generally need 3.3v power.

The compelling reason to use Xbees is to cut right through the 2.4GHz clutter (which others have mentioned here). We use it for telemetry to our drones because they swamp the 2.4GHz frequency with their video transmitters trying to send live HD video for 7 km.

All you need to do with an xbee is provide power, and read and write date to the RX and TX pins .its very simple to use. there are tons of other features and pins but actually you dont need them if you have another processor.

You can use the XCTU software to change the defaul baud rate. We found 57600 gives the best results.
The XBees have a lot of packet correction and built in data checking (which i dont really understand) but it works really, really well with no setup needed, we dont manage checksums in our code because the xbee does a lot of that. The Xbee is MUCH more reliable than other RX/TX units like the plethora of 433 and 900 MHz units that are clones of the original 3DR telemetry unit (which also packs a pretty hefty range at half the price of the xbees)

These are the ones we buy by the dozen:

I dont see why you need Xbee data transmission when you can just as easily use the built-in wifi capabilities of two particles?

If you want to go outside of wifi range , just use a particle over a cellular network.?

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