Would a freertos4core.h error cause a Core to flash angry orange then get into a reboot loop?

Basically I’ve compiled a binary including freertos4core.h to make Photon code compatible with my Cores. But I haven’t changed/adjusted anything in the code other than adding the freertos4core.h include.

I then flashed the binary successfully to the Core but it’s now in a reboot loop and flashing an angry orange message at me between reboots.

Could this be because of some code mismatch between the built-in timer library the Photon has and the freertos4core.h library the Core needs?

No idea about orange panic, but the Core has not a lot of RAM and adding a rather beefy library may break the bounds.

Ah. Didn’t think of that. The binary is 97kb, but I guess that doesn’t tell you enough?

nope, flash and RAM have to be considered seperately. And for RAM you also should distinguish between heap, stack and application demands.

For ease of reading and less clutter (that was my intention!) - the webm.

This is an SOS+1 panic code which indicates a hard fault - which can be caused by buffer overflows and similar.

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@daneboomer, installing FreeRTOS on the (resource limited) Core just to get Software Timers seems like overkill. You should consider the (well used) SparkCorePolledTimer library available in the web IDE. :wink:

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