Core crashes due to something in loop(), any way to remotely stop this?

I know I can get out of this mode if I do a factory restore. But is there a way via the cloud to tell Core not to run and just wait for flash? I was just wondering.

@CptanPanic, that capability would have to be built into your software. Some members (do a search!) use a GPIO pin and jumper so that they can hit reset and if the selected pin is LOW (for example), they jump into a loop that only runs Spark.process() giving control to the cloud and not the faulty loop(). Once loop() runs and (on the Core only) the background process is no longer run, the cloud connection and any messages will not be received. On the Photon, the wifi/cloud connection will run in a different FreeRTOS thread (upcoming feature) and allow for the type of recovery you are looking for. :smile: