Workbench question

I have a very simple question. When I start a project in workbench at the top right of the window that opens I get the icons for compile, flash etc. How do I open an existing project so that I get those same icons? I cannot figure out how to compile and flash from an existing project. Sorry for the stupid question.

Hey, this isn’t a stupid question at all! Workbench can be a bit unintuitive at first. To get those icons use Particle: Import Project. Or put put an empty file in the directory with the source files you want to build as a project and open the containing folder in Workbench.

I tried to import a project and it said that the library already existed so it failed. I have several existing projects. I can open the .ino file but the compile and flash buttons never appear.

Put the .ino file in its own directory with an empty file and open the containing folder, not the .ino file directly, then you get the Particle-specific icons for compile and flash.

OK, so I just did an open folder for a specific project, without selecting any files. then when I select the .ino file eureka, I get the buttons. THANKS!!

Yay!!! Glad it worked!

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