wlan_smart_config_start and non-AES profiles

Take a read of these TI words … from TI website

INT32 wlan_smart_config_start ( UINT32 algoEncryptedFlag )
Start to acquire device profile. The device acquire its own profile, if profile message is found. The acquired AP information is stored in CC3000 EEPROM only in case AES128 encryption is used. In case AES128 encryption is not used, a profile is created by CC3000 internally.

… it looks to me that profiles are only saved when using AES? Is that your understanding? No idea what “created by CC3000 internally” means … not stored??

I might explain some of the weirdities in other posts (like SmartConfig Not Working on iOS 7.1?! )

Cheers David

Hi @dbm123

Near as I can tell from looking at the Spark source, wlan_smart_config_start is always called with the algoEncryptedFlag set to true so I am not sure it matters. The TI page says to me that if AES encryption is used, the CC3000 does not do it and it needs to be done on the processor (ARM in this case) and then the decrypted profile is stored by the processor. On the other had, if the response is not encrypted, then the CC3000 can store the profile directly.

The iOS 7.1 problem was seemingly resolved by a factory reset in that other thread. A factory reset is the general cure when bad things happen like your core panics while reading or writing the CC3000. Because the external flash and the CC3000 share a SPI bus (that is separate from the user SPI bus), I think bad crashes can have long lasting effects but a factory reset restores everything as much as possible.

Are you having problems with iOS 7.1?

Tx @bko — I’m having troubles with Smartconfig and I don’t know if it’s my core, iOS7.1 or my AP or what. I was just fishing about on the TI site and saw that… but as you say, it’s always encrypted on the Spark so that can’t be it. I suspect my AP is the problem (it’s old circa 2007) but it might be related to heavy network traffic too as sometimes it works just fine.

Cheers …