WKP/D8 tie to VUSB?

I’m migrating from Argon to Boron, and I had a wake on PWR which is the VUSB pin, however I do not see any similar tie in the Boron, but there is the WKP pin on D8. Can I tie VUSB to D8 directly, or do I need some circuitry (resistors or diodes or something) in between them?

Does the answer differ if I am supplying the Boron’s power over the micro-USB or by putting 5v on the VUSB pin?

Do not connect any GPIO pin (including D8) to VUSB on any Gen 3 device (Argon, Boron, or Xenon). None of the GPIO pins are 5V tolerant, and you will damage the device.

You can use a voltage divider or level-shifter to get the 5V down to 3.3V to be compatible with a pin.

Thanks, that’s a real bummer that there isn’t a nice built-in feature comparable to the PWR pin on the Argon.

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