VUSB pin on Argon

The datasheet for the Argon says that the VUSB pin on the Argon is connected to USB power. Does this mean that there is not a diode between this pin and the power from the on-board USB connector (as on the Photon)? It was really handy to supply external 5 volt power to the Photon via that pin on a PCB but also have the option to simply plug in a USB cable (power and all) for debugging (the diode would isolate the PCB 5 volt power from the USB power). Please confirm that the Argon (and Xenon) do not have this isolation diode on the module; it would need to be supplied externally on the PCB.

There is no diode between the USB power pin and the VUSB pin on the Argon and Xenon.

If you are powering by VUSB, you should not power by USB at the same time. I use a data-only USB adapter for this purpose.

Not sure if I should start a new topic for this question or not, so here goes. Back in 2016 you posted some code that worked with the Electron for determining if it was being powered by USB or battery. I need to do the same for the Argon. I came up with what looked like a solution by checking the voltage on the VUSB pin and that’s how I discovered your post. I tried the code used for the Electron but it failed because I don’t have the particle.h library. Before I go looking for that, was curious if these 3rd generation devices have an easier method for determining the current power source. I basically want to be able to send a webhook to an alerting app if the Argon goes from USB power to Battery power for more than x amount of time. Thank you for any information you can provide.

On the Argon, there’s a 3 line function in this post that will do it:

On the Boron, Electron, and E Series, it’s now built into Device OS 1.5.0 and later:

That’s awesome. I was hoping this was the case. I appreciate your quick response and apologies for not finding this in my pre-post research. Kind regards.