Win Cool Prizes By Entering Our Hackoween Contest

The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and pumpkin spice has invaded the grocery store so that must mean that Halloween is here! Halloween is our favorite holiday and this year we’re celebrating with Hackoween, a Halloween themed contest. Here’s what you need to know:


The contest starts today and runs through Nov 3, 2021. The winner will be announced on Nov 5, 2021.


Create a #ParticlePowered project related to Halloween. It can be a costume, a decoration, or even a terrifying blender(the scariest appliance). Be as spooky as you’d like to be.

Push your project to a public git repo, complete with all appropriate code, instructions, documentation, etc.

Post the link to your repo, a photo/video of your project in action, and a short project description in this thread.


The project must include Particle hardware and it must be used in some capacity. If you make a giant catapult and tape a photon to it I will be amused but you won’t be eligible for victory.

You may submit projects you built in the past as long as they’re Halloween themed and Particle Powered.

The project must be submitted by the end of the contest deadline: November 3, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST

By entering you are agreeing to allow Particle to use your project/images on our social media accounts. You will, of course, own your project but Particle will likely blog about it.


Grand Prize: An Argon Starter kit, a particle swag box, a skull-shaped Adafruit Hallowing M0 board, and the creepiest custom trophy I can find. Plus the satisfaction of knowing that you won Halloween.

Second Place: An Argon Starter kit and a particle swag box

Third Place: A particle swag box filled with particle branded goodies, including a t-shirt, a water bottle, and more!


Judges will score the build on Creativity, Complexity, Quality of Code, and Halloween Spirit.

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Good luck & happy hacking! Please feel free to tag me (@colleen) with any questions, comments, concerns, hopes, dreams, Halloween movie opinions, etc. that you might have.
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Two weeks until the contest deadline! Look at this skull I made! If nobody enters I’m going to have to award all the prizes to myself for this skull. You wouldn’t want that, would you?


The credits for my Particle Halloween project go to the illustrious @peekay123. I used the Photon-powered 32x32 LED matrix panel I got from him at Maker Faire 2016 to show spooky and geeky animated GIFs as part of my decoration for the Trunk-or-Treat event at my kids’ school Halloween/Fall festival yesterday. It was a big hit with the trick-or-treaters!

Thanks Paul for the cool hardware! Check out his repo for SD card reading, GIF decoding and LED matrix driving:


The zoom skeleton :rofl: :joy: :rofl:. I am deceased.

It could happen to anybody after 8 hours of back-to-back meetings :wink:

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Thanks Julien. It was fun to make that product! I used that library to make a 128x32 scrolling message panel for a pinball machine (Avidan’s)!


oh I just got that one! hehe nice one @jvanier


Reminder- Hackoween submissions close tomorrow. If anyone needs an extension, let me know before then!

It was a really tight race between @jvanier and all of the zero other entries, but after much deliberation, the judges (me) have decided that @jvanier is the grand prize winner! Congratulations!


@jvanier is always in winner in my books!


I received a spooky trophy in the mail for my entry to Hackoween. I hacked it to turn up the terror to the max!

Hackaween SOS 2

The Night of the Hard Fault :scream:


Oh no, not a hard fault! I’m going to have nightmares about this!

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