Will there be a Spark Core II


Buy and port the code? :slight_smile:


If you could port it to the CC3200’s M4, imagine how tiny you could make the Spark II? You’d probably even have space for an FRAM chip for user code/datalogging.

That would be awesome.


I bought both the CC3200 Launchpad XL and CC3100 BoosterPack and BoosterEMU Kit from the TI eStore earlier this week. The Launchpad arrives on Monday and no shipping notification yet on the CC3100 boosterpak. I didn’t order them together. I was initially more interested in the CC3200 and then thought it might also be fun to interface the CC3100 to the Tivo M4 that I have as well, so ordered that a couple of days later. Hence the two shipping dates (shipping is free by the way).


Well, I guess I know what I;m doing tomorrow!


Nice! :slight_smile: Very interested to see what you build!


These are very early first impressions as so far I’ve only completed step 2 of the “Getting Started” Guide for the CC3200 Launchpad

  1. You can set it up as an access point (CC3200 Launchpad comes setup that way by default). I linked my iPad up to it
  2. You can have a web server on the network processor with data coming from the mandatory flash chip. TI provides a demo app,
  3. Whereas the CC3000 to Host communications are pretty much unidirectional from host to CC3000, the CC3200 network processor seems to be able to request data and send actions to the application processor. The demo web page allows you to turn leds on and off, and grab data from the temp sensor and accelerometer on the Launchpad. I need to explore what that interface is from (both the hardware and software aspect) and its capabilities, which will be sometime after Step 3 ias done (Install the CCS development environment and create Project 0)

As far as what I want to build with it, I’ll start by trying the get my VO-96 Internet Gateway running on it.

CC3200 Network Processor Information Station

I wonder if using this chip i would be able to transfer digital audio from a toslink to another spark directly. Would allow for a nice audio network in my house if i could tell any transmitter to stream to any reciever

Poll Suggestions

My dream will come true if the future Spark Core has its entire top sealed with an e-ink display. I personally don’t like the LED, too bright in many occasions, and lost it’s original purpose when used for other things. An e-ink display will serve both as the (default) ID + status display or be used for simple messaging purpose, or both, and it consumes no power at all when idle. It would also make the whole chip cooler in look.

Back to reality, more flash and faster processor speed are always welcome as long as:

  1. Sleep() is improved to include hardware interrupt,
  2. Processor speed is software controllable for the sake of controlling power consumption on-demand,
  3. More flash does not mean slower access.

802.11n/ac at 5GHz support will be extremely useful! The current 2.4GHz band is really too crowded and way too noisy.

Can we somehow use the LED also as a light sensor? That would be a useful (and easy) feature to add.



Header-less would be cool! But I am afraid a header-less version, or just including the headers unsoldered will take month and month of development and will trigger an entire Firmware overhaul. :wink:

Low power features are top important for me. I would love to see the STM RTC being able to back by a battery.


First thing on my wish-list is to get the current Spark Core stable. If only a simple webserver could run for more than half an hour while still connected to the cloud. (Perhaps it’s only a matter of an updated non-blocking CC3000 driver).


4 years in the making since my post here, and today is the day.


I wonder what the new boards will be called.


Hope its ESP32-A, ESP32-B, ESP32-C :wink:


Aren’t you forgetting that little thing, called a ‘Photon’, that happened in the mean time? Or the electron for that matter.


I sure am! Should have read my own OP, rather than just the title.