Will the mesh boards have fuelgauge?

I’d love to be able to get the state of charge of the battery on mesh boards.

I was wondering the same thing.

If they are like the Adafruit boards with just a charging chip then they may just use a single ADC to figure the battery voltage. Which would make sense on the low-cost Mesh only boards since they want to keep the cost low.

If they do add a separate fuel gauge chip & PMIC to the cellular boards then I hope they use a better fuel gauge than what is used on the Electron to avoid the SOC not syncing to 100% once fully charged.


I think this is an issue with the (private) battery tuning parameters. The datasheet for that part just says something to the effect of “contact Maxim for information about tuning the system for your battery”.

That’s pretty frustrating, but I don’t see a huge benefit over an ADC battery gauge and a low-voltage detect comparator circuit for low voltage alert.

Any news on this?

Found this useful: