No battery charge data for this time period

I am new to using Argon with a battery. I am hoping to get the battery status, but under vitals, the battery status shows “No battery charge data for this time period”


Battery Voltage

The Argon does not have a fuel gauge chip, however you can determine the voltage of the LiPo battery, if present.

The constant 0.0011224 is based on the voltage divider circuit (R1 = 806K, R2 = 2M) that lowers the 3.6V LiPo battery output to a value that can be read by the ADC.

Good investigative work. These little differences between boards in the same family are frustrating. I rely heavily on the fuel gauge and PMIC on the Boron LTE. I didn’t realize the same basic functions wouldn’t be available on the Argon if I develop a WiFi device in the future.

Yea, I don’t fully understand the complications that go into developing boards like this, but it seems if you are going to consistently provide this on your older boards, why not on all the new ones? Especially since the WiFi versions are so popular.

One of the reasons for adding the PMIC and fuel gauge on the the Boron but not the other devices is that the likelihood of needing a LiPo with a cellular device is much higher than for the non-cellular devices and hence adding the extra cost can be argued for the one much easier than for the other.

The older WiFi boards (Spark Core and Particle Photon) don't feature one, only the previous cellular boards (Particle Electron & E-Series) did for the same reason.

BTW, the overwhelming majority of Particle devices in professional use-cases is not WiFi.


Thanks for the education @ScruffR

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