Will the Argon/Boron/Xenon support the ANT wireless protocol?

ANT support is built into the Nordic nRF52840 that’s built into each of these devices so you can get it for free. Will you be exposing ANT in the API? ANT is really important for communicating with health/fitness devices. Thanks!


great point! I’d be keen on this.

Cross-posting for consistency:

We generally try to be thoughtful about which features we add to our Device OS because more features means more flash and RAM used by the system and less resources available to your application. Since the primary role of Bluetooth in Particle Mesh is for device setup and diagnostics, we don’t plan to support generalized and broad Bluetooth functionality when we ship.

Particle Mesh is initially focusing on commercial and industrial uses and not necessarily health and fitness. Therefore, we don’t have plans to support an additional protocol like ANT. Do you have an application in mind or just generally like ANT and health/fitness devices? Could your application be built on Mesh?

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Yes, the application is connected bicycles. The whole world of bikes is based on ANT, not BTLE. Wheel speed sensors, cadence sensors and heart rate monitors, as well as interfacing with bike computers and e-bike motor controllers. I had actually been considering building a custom board using the e-series and one of these Nordic nRF52 series chips so the boron solves a lot of problems for me. This is for a large commercial application, not personal use. Should we discuss over email?


Great, you can contact sales by visiting https://www.particle.io/sales

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Hi, I agree. ANT is a huge market that shouldn’t be ignored.

I’ve already built a product to run in gym environments but they’re already asking me how to hook it up to the various ANT devices that people bring in.

ANT is definitely going places. It sounds like there’s an opportunity for a conditional compile, or perhaps even simply library support.