Will a 0.96 mono chrome screen work with the photon?

Hi, Im trying to make a smart watch, everything is figured out except I want a good screen. I heard this screen is amazing and low powered. I just want to know if I can program it with the core. I know theres libraries for it but there mainly for arduino. The screen is by Adafruit https://www.adafruit.com/products/326
I haven’t actaully bought it yet I want to make sure it will work first.

@clay, there is a library in the web IDE for the SSD1306 which should work with that display. I posted one library that uses mfGFX which allows user-defined fonts. I highly recommend using Spark DEV or CLI for locally building your app. Let me know how it goes cause it sounds like a great project!

Can you send me like a link or something? and do you know any screens under 40$ that work with those librarys?

@clay, you can find the library in the web IDE by searching for “Adafruit_SSD1306_mfGFX” after clicking the library button. Here are the links to the items I mentioned:

Adafruit_SSD1306_mfGFX library on github

As for a display, you could look at Digole “smart” displays that you can control using Serial, I2C or SPI. I really like using the Serial one mode since it uses a single TX line on Serial1 of the Core. There is a small 0.96" color version well within your price range. Otherwise, the display you selected is fine. :smile:

Search this forum for “display” and you get tons of links :smile:

I would recommend these two, tons of knowledge there.

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So @peekay123 Digole UART/I2C/SPI Display Library, If I just buy the Digole display what library do I use and how do I run it? Sorry for asking so many questions but im used to arduino and Im only 13.

@clay, I have a library for the Digole displays which I extended with extra primitives (triangle, ellipse, etc) on my github here. I may update it at some point but it will work just fine as it is. :slight_smile:

@peekay123 so I just download all? And how do I import them into spark build?

@clay, you have two choices:

  1. Follow the instruction for Spark DEV or Spark CLI to install these tools on you computer. Then copy the library files and the demo or your app into a single directory and compile the directory. You can then use the same tool to send the firmware to the Core over USB or wirelessly.

  2. Create a new app in the web IDE and copy the demo code to it. Then create a new tab, naming the same as the library files. The IDE will create .cpp and .h tabs automatically. Then, cut and paste the code from the library files into the correct tabs. You can then compile and send the code to your Core.

I suggest you read the documentation for the web IDE or the other tools so you don’t ask questions for which there are already answers (RTFM!). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am too wanting to build a smartwatch with the spark Core. I bought the same display but a little bigger. Do you have a battery all setup? I would like to talk to you more In detail about my smartwatch. I think I am going to use ifttt as my spark cores back bone with some code to include a clock Facebook, twitter, email, etc notifications. Do you have a menu program that works with the core? I have tried many but have failed in adding more then the default amount of menus. Peekay123 thanks for the libraries I think I am going to use your ssd1306 i2c library because I am going to add buttons and thoughs take up a lot of pins. I have setup a “prototype” on my arduino UNO just to see what it looks like .

Hi @fishy4341 please let me know if your screen works with that library. I think im gonna stick with the digole though (read up there^^^) as for battery im using 1080mah 3.7 from adafruit and a regulator to make it 3.3. As for menu layout i can send code from my glasses http://makezine.com/2014/07/16/diy-google-glass/ its a very nice layout and you can play around with it (it was made on the arduino robot scren btw)

I would love to look at your code. Thanks , I think because of you this project is going to run smoother. If I make a production version I will make sure I will give credit to everyone. I want to make a production model with the p0 and p1 chips.

Ok, so I just re-read my post and it sounds a bit rude! @clay, what I meant to say is there is great documentation for the Spark and LOTS of stuff to be discovered using the search function so I invite you to explore. :smiley:

BTW, love your project and would love to see your menu code as well. Using the Photon would bring your glasses to a whole new level!