WiFi Extenders / WiFi networks with shared SSID

How does the Core deal with the above? I seem to be having trouble and am wondering if it’s because both of the networks I want to use my Cores on are not simple “one router, multiple wireless clients” setups.

One network has a router and then a WiFi extender (shared SSID, different channels)
the other network has a router and then a powerline WiFi AP (shared SSID, different channels)

Can the Core cope with being setup against one network and then being asked to connect to the other AP (same SSID, but a different channel)

I guess this is the same with the Core as with the Photon that you can only store one set of credentials for one given SSID, but that set of credentials also stores the BSSID which is different for each AP in your network and hence only one AP will be accessible to your Cores.