WiFi Credentials Connection Order

Is there a way to control what order multiple WiFi credentials are tried? For example I have a split setup to connect to a hotspot or directly to wifi network, if both are present I would want to try to connect via the direct wifi vs the hotspot.

Is there a way to do this?


I think it tries them in the order you set them, so try resetting them all, then add them in the order you like?

Ah that makes sense, problem is that I have an automatic mode for a hotspot connection so the cellular creds always get programmed 1st. I’ll have to think about this for a bit to make a work around.


I don’t quite understand the connection.
Are you saying your code sets the credentials? Otherwise there is nobody but yourself who has control over the order in which you enter the credentials.

And if you’ve got some code there, Safe Mode or temporarily flashing another application will stop that from interfering.

I have a set of creds that gets set by code, but users of our product also enter their own creds in too.