WICED error - 1006

We were troubleshooting for device disconnection in one of our photons having system firmware 0.8.0-rc11. There was a WICED error in network errors with error code 1006. From the forum, we could find out it is a authentication failed trying to connect to the Access Point.

What does it actually means? The WiFi has good strength. We couldn’t check the router logs as it is in our customer’s home.


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@Rahul_G, given that there are reports of WiFi instability, is there any reason why you are not using the stable release of 0.7.0?

0.8.0-rc.11, as the name implies, is an RC release and might still be rough on the edges.

Unless you are keen to help find out the root cause of the issue, then please continue to post your findings :slight_smile:

Error 1006 does typically mean that authentication failed - the AP did not accept the password provided.

What type of authentication is being used? (None, WEP, WPA/WPA2 Personal, WPA2 Enterprise)

There are some special requirements for WEP and WPA2 Enterprise may require some specialized troubleshooting.

@kennethlimcp Thanks for the reply. We were having troubles with 0.7.0 system firmware. So we upgraded and downgraded some of them.

@rickkas7 We don’t know the type of authentication. We will get this and update in this thread. We are sure that it is not WPA2 Enterprise.

One more thing is some of our devices are publishing continuous online events without offline events, especially with 0.7.0. What may be the cause?

The offline event is only generated in an orderly disconnect of the device. If the device is powered down suddenly, or in certain types of crashes, it may only report the next online.

When the AP is out of range, WICED will typically return error code 1024, and 1006 may get reported intermittently if the device is at the edge of the range. I wasn’t able to reproduce the situation in which a Photon would be constantly failing to join a network with the error 1006, except the following two cases:

  • The device is blocked by MAC in AP settings.
  • There’s not enough memory for WICED to start the connection process.

It is a known issue that 0.8.0-rc.11 requires significantly more memory to establish a WiFi connection, we’re going to address it in the upcoming release: https://github.com/particle-iot/firmware/pull/1635.

Thanks for the details Sergey