WiFi/Cloud connection errors

I’m trying to diagnose the reason a unit is having trouble connecting to an AP and maintaining that connection. In the log obtained from the console site, I see a number device.network.connection.error of 1006 and 1062 which seems to indicate an authentication error with the AP (device-os/wwd_constants.h at develop · particle-iot/device-os · GitHub). However, the unit is occasionally able to successfully connect. I suspect it’s a probably a poor signal (signal strength ranges from -46dBM to -84dBm) although there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between signal strength and connection failure.

I also see device.cloud.connection.error of 10, 25, and 26, but I haven’t been able to find a reference for these errors. A pointer to these errors, or any suggestions/further info would be appreciated.


Following this also. Trying to get more information on the same topic

Errors 10, 25, and 26 are generally timeout-related errors caused by the device not receiving a handshake message. That’s often caused by poor connectivity.

When not during handshake, such as error 18, it can also occur with the Argon (not Photon/P1) if your LAN tears down the UDP port forwarding more quickly than the keep-alive. This can be fixed by setting Particle.keepAlive() to a smaller value. The actual value is site-specific.


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@rickkas7 That’s a good info, thanks. Can you point me to the right source: we got an error 4 for device.network.connection.error. @mjames pointed to this place (device-os/wwd_constants.h at develop · particle-iot/device-os · GitHub) for device.network.connection.error. But I don’t see any definition for error 4.

Particle Documentation | Device OS API is for device.cloud.connection.error, am I right?


Out of interest, what channel bandwidth is being used on the Access Point? It needs to be 20MHz and not 40.