Why my Argon device get awake by network reason?

Hi everyone,

Sorry to bother but i’m meeting troubles with my Argon device (3.2.0).
Actually i’m trying to make sleep the device at some part of the day, but I want to keep the network connected. This way I can wake up the device by calling some functions or getting some variables.

However the issue that i’m facing now, is that the device get wake up without respecting the duration time that it should do. And when i’m logging the wake up reasons, i can see it get awake by network whereas i didn’t ask for variables or call any functions.

I first tried to look on google and read the documentation but i didn’t something explaining this behavior.

So if you guys have any ideas why i’m having this issues i’d be so thankful for help.
Here is a part of my code.

Thank’s for your time

SystemSleepConfiguration config_day;

void setup()

  // Cloud methods & variables

boolean networkReason(SystemSleepResult res)
  SystemSleepWakeupReason reason = res.wakeupReason();
  if (reason == SystemSleepWakeupReason::UNKNOWN)
    Particle.publish("reason UNKNOWN : ", PRIVATE);
  else if (reason == SystemSleepWakeupReason::BY_NETWORK)
    Particle.publish("reason BY_NETWORK : ", PRIVATE);
    return true;

  return false;

void loop()
   // myCode...

   SystemSleepResult res = System.sleep(config_day);

Unfortunately any activity on the Argon Wi-Fi network will wake the Argon, including things like broadcast and ARP packets.

This is not really a helpful behavior, and it doesn’t really make sense, but that is how it currently works.

Thanks for your response @rickkas7
This is what I thought

And I guess there is no way to prevent this kind of activities and only listen for variables call or functions requests ?

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