Which version of C++?

What version of C++ is your server-side compiler supporting?
I’m new to C++ and looking for books that are more thorough than the Simon Monk books, such as The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition by Bjarne Stroustrup.

’ Need guidance on what version is in place now, and near future plans also.

I’m working with the Photon and future Electron…


I believe they use gcc-arm-4.9, so it will likely support C+±11 and C+±14 if they enable them in the makefiles. I don’t know if they do.

Best way to know would be to try some C+±11 or -14 features and see if they compile.

I suggest you learn C thoroughly. ANSI C99. Do so on a PC.
Then tackle C++ - it is 2 orders of magnitude more complex than C. But for embedded systems, where a C++ subset has to be used due to RAM limitations, it can be simpler. But again, understand the subset then learn on a big fat computer, then transfer your skills to the microprocessor world.

It’s C99 / C++11.

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