C++11 STL libraries

I was wondering if the current versions of the STL that the cloud compiler uses is C++11? (The closest thread I could find on this was this one, but it looks like it got abandoned without an answer.

I’m using on a P1, and I’d like to be able to call std::to_string, std::stoi, and std::stof, among other things. It seems like these were all functions added in C++11, so it would seem to me that the cloud compiler is still using a version of <string> from C++03.

Is it possible to update those files, or must I compile locally?

Note: I wasn’t sure if I should start a new post or continue with the old thread; apologies in advance if I got it wrong

Nope, that wasn’t the only thread about C++11 (which is now default for Particle)!
There was e.g. the thread that was linked in your “only” thread.
Have you had a read in there?
I guess you are seeing the issued referenced here

Huh. Seems like my google-fu is off today. I’ll take a look at that, thanks!

Ok, so to my understanding the fix is to recompile newlib with -std=c++11? This would mean I’d have to compile my Particle code locally, correct? (Which unfortunately wouldn’t work, because I also need to be able to compile via Particle Build :frowning: )

(I did figure C++11 was enabled, since I could use all the new language features)