Updated c++ compiler libraries plans

Hi, I’m trying to use a really sweet json c++ library which uses several c++ 11 languages features such as stdlib::stoi and others. However, references to these generate errors when compiling. Other code generates errors incorrectly due to known bugs in older versions of gcc. The library I’m attempting to use only has one file - json.h found at https://github.com/nlohmann/json as json.hpp. This link also points out the versions of gcc that have issues under Supported Compilers section.

Are there any plans to update the compilers used for ‘compile in the cloud’? Lacking that, is it possible to compile completely offline with a compiler toolchain of my choosing?


C++11 should be supported. What error messages do you get?

Full local compiling is possible. Have a look at the open source firmware repo.
Although you may not be able to use every available compiler but you’ll definetly find one that provides what you are looking for (I’d go with the version suggested in the repo)

Looks a similar question to this thread (13 onwards):

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Indeed, the firmware build thread even mentions the same json library (way down the list) I was hoping to use, but alas no resolution. In my case I’m seeing these errors:
‘to_string’ is not a member of std. e.g. std::to_string(xxx)
‘strtold’ is not a member of std
’strtof’ is not a member of std
’stoi’ is not a member of std

Since these are part of the standard, it would be nice if they were included in the cloud compiles.