Where's the "Known Issues" category?

Until very recently the UDP section of the “Core Code (Firmware)” documentation at http://docs.spark.io/firmware/#communication-udp contained a useful link to the community thread which most usefully described issues and workaraounds to the still broken UDP functionality. There is now advice to find details of the necessary workarounds and the limitations of the Spark Core UDP implementation in the “Known Issues” category here at http://community.spark.io/

Where is that category?

Hi @psb777,

The link is here: http://docs.spark.io/troubleshooting/#known-issues

There hasn’t been a Known Issues category in the discourse for as long as i started hanging around :wink:

I know that. As always, please just re-read my post. My point is that this missing category is referred to at http://docs.spark.io/firmware/#communication-udp

I make this point because a newbie cannot hope to find things @kennethlimcp can find from the doc index kept in his head.

I make this point to improve the docs.


i have checked through the commits to firmware.MD and this is your original commit.

See: https://github.com/spark/docs/commit/d6a09f39acd25a29c5e251a636f59f1cc34b353b

There’s no link and the later commits did not change anything with regards to UDP.

If you feel doubtful about this matter, the entire docs repo is open source and all the commits are recorded to your reference.


The issue remains, and needs to be fixed, and if the text is mine that makes no difference. I suppose I’ll have to re-learn how to do changes to the docs.