Where to buy: Heart Shapped Board Kit (Or Plans)


I see the heart shapped boards with RGB LED’s around the outside, wife wants a few, where do I get such a beast and if I can’t buy it, would you mind releasing the pcb and bom?


@MohitB Probably created that board.


It always helps if you post a link or image of the thing you’re looking for…


top of the page https://store.particle.io/
and in facebook ads



I’ve been seeing those ads on FB as well. To my knowledge that’s not a Particle product, but maybe I missed a memo. I have no idea what’s going on with this, but just this morning I saw the ad again, and am going to ask around tomorrow (Particle is closed today).


Pretty sure @MohitB is the guy behind it.


I pinged Mohit internally and he did create them a few years ago! He was willing to share his design files and uploaded them to github here.

Hope that helps out!