Where is the RC car script?


About RC car…
I found the iOS code on github, but I can not find spark core script and electrical diagram. Will be release or not?


Hi @liming,

Yes! Is this what you had in mind?



My cores have just arrived and I also have the car kit.

Has anyone else figured out which holes the brass hexagon standoffs go in?

Many thanks.

Good question, I can’t figure it out either. Only pic I can find is this guy:

Which clearly has the breadboard on the metal and isn’t using the standoffs…

Found a position that allows for three of the four standoffs to be used, seems to help.

Hi Dave, the spark rc car kit code for xcode on github doesn’t have a place to input access token. So how can I connnect it to my Spark? Thank you for your help.

I write a simple app to integrate car kit with raspberry pi.
There are some sample codes to control car kit for your reference.

Is there a page that shows how to do electrical connection for the RC car kit?

It is kind of hard to figure out how to link on/off switch and the shield and the motors. Can Spark core team post actual code/ wiring diagrams for RC Car kit.

Can this be updated in the docs page, so we can always refer back to it.

Will there be tutorials on how to add additional sensors to the RC car kit and code to actually use them?

If anybody can share actual code/ wiring diagrams that will be great. Even some commentary in this regard will help.


Hello @vSpark
We do have documentation on the RC Car here: http://docs.spark.io/#/shields/spark-rc-car-kit to get you started.

I am pretty sure that I assembled the car correctly, but I can’t make any sense of what electrical connections I need to make. The documentation (linked above) says:

Pin 4: Connects with M1
Pin 5: Connects with E1 (PWM)
Pin 6: Connects with E2 (PWM)
Pin 7: Connects with M2
Where E1 and E2 control the speed of the motors, while M1 and M2 change the direction.Jumper SettingsConnect the left and right motor terminals to M2+,M2-,M1+ and M1- respectively.

The motors can run from a voltage in the range of 5V to 9V DC. The jumpers can be set to get power from Vin from the Shield below.

So clearly there should be some connections to the motors, but I’m not seeing where. And surely there should be a connection from the battery pack, but it’s not clear how. And perhaps there are other connections? Any more explicit instructions would be really helpful.

Hi @Gray

Sorry about the slow response! I searched around a bit and couldn’t find more details like you wanted. I added a task to improve that section of the documentation, and pinged our chief roboticist @mohit :smile:


Has there been any word on this, @Dave?

Ah, sorry about that @Gray,

Is this what you’re looking for? https://github.com/spark/examples/tree/master/rc_car

There are also some corresponding clients:

Please let me know if this helps,