What is pin layout for DFRobot shield

I got my RC CAR kit but i can’t make it work. I tried the following code (adaptation of dfrobot demo code):

//Arduino PWM Speed Control:
int E1 = A5;  
int M1 = A4; 
int E2 = A6;                      
int M2 = A7;                        
void setup() 
    pinMode(M1, OUTPUT);   
    pinMode(M2, OUTPUT); 
void loop() 
  int value;
  for(value = 0 ; value <= 255; value+=5) 
    digitalWrite(M2, HIGH);       
    analogWrite(E1, value);   //PWM Speed Control
    analogWrite(E2, value);   //PWM Speed Control

but it doesn’t work as expected. All i can get is single motor running at full speed.
Am i doing somethins wrong?

The pin layout is described in detail here: http://docs.spark.io/#/shields/spark-rc-car-kit

You can follow the example on that page to see how the Spark IO pins are connected.

Please let us know if this works out for you.


Well. Looks like i’we killed my Core during updating program. Dim ligth on D7 LED right at power-on and no response to reset button :frowning:

@cajax did you try putting the core in the factory reset mode? try this without the core plugged into the robot shield.

Hi @mohit! Yes, factory reset fixed it (but after few attempts) and demo code works perfectly