Where is the bmi160 library for the IMU?

I can’t seem to find the library for the Tracker’s IMU. On the IDE workbench, I tried the “install library” button, but all variations of bmi, bmi160, 160 fail to find the library.



The BMI160 driver used in the Tracker is not available as a standalone library in the community libraries. However, you can copy it out of the lib/bmi160 directory in the Tracker Edge source into the lib directory of your own project and it should work.


Thanks for the response. Am I correct in just having the particle,h included would have gotten me th ebmi160 libraries? It was not clear to me that was the complete header file for all Tracker components.

Just a hardware guy trying to write simple test programs to exercise our systems. I wanted to test how sensitive the bmi160 was to rotational movement given that we have the tracker mounted near our center of rotation.



The Particle.h header file only includes the system headers, not libraries.

You’ll need to

#include "bmi160.h"

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