Tracker SOM IMU acceleromter/gyrscope irmware


I've been trying to find a library to get the Gyroscope data off of the Tracker SOM onboard BMI160 IMU,
I've found the tracker edge firmware for the BMI160, but it only seems to have code for the accelerometer. The Bosch BMI160 datasheet mentions a gyroscope, and they have their own driver that has gyrscope code, but I dont know if its possible to directly port that to the Tracker.

If anyone could provide some clarity on this issue that would be appreciated.


You are correct, the Tracker Edge BMI160 driver only outputs accelerometer data. There are a few options:

  • Port Bosch's drivers. Those drivers are not in the Particle/Arduino style and would involve some amount of effort to make sure SPI register calls are made and interrupts are handled correctly.
  • Port this Arduino library to a Particle style one
  • Or add another function to the Tracker Edge driver to take out the gyroscope data (and hopefully submit a pull request to share your work)